Environmental sustainability and resilience are at the heart of the design and construction of Tākina.

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Tākina is being built with the highest standard of sustainability in mind.

With a focus on reducing energy and water, sustainable materials use, and renewable energy capability, Tākina is a landmark for Wellington’s sustainable future. The build will achieve a 5 Star Green Star certification representing New Zealand excellence for environmental sustainability.

AS Architecture Vision 260 55 Copper

Features will include:

  • Enhanced thermal insulation and high-performance double glazing using SEFAR technology, for improved thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Tākina is the first building in NZ to incorporate this technology
  • Rainwater harvesting system (30,000 litres) for toilet flushing and evaporative cooling to reduce water consumption
  • High efficiency LED lighting system and automatic controls for energy savings
  • Adaptable and demand controlled air conditioning system reducing energy use
  • Predominantly heat pump heating to reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  • The building is designed to operate efficiently at all levels of use – from large conference events to smaller events
  • Decentralised domestic hot water system to reduce energy when the building is not in use
  • Leading edge post occupancy energy optimisation systems to monitor and fine tune energy usage
  • Future proofed to accommodate onsite renewable energy generation via roof mounted photovoltaic array
  • Structural Diagrid for building resiliency and reduced steel requirements
  • Environmentally preferable materials specification to provide improved indoor air quality and reduced environmental impact
  • Timber materials sourced from sustainable forestry
  • Central city location close to hotels maximises active transportation opportunities (walking, cycling, e-scooters)
  • Regeneration of a former carpark site into a high quality civic amenity

Tākina has been awarded a 5 Green Star NZ Custom Design certified rating

New Zealand Green Building Council

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Tākina has been designed to high standards of seismic resilience including being fully base isolated, and built with a Structural Diagrid. It includes features which enable a return to business as usual, as quickly as possible after an emergency event.

The ground floor sits 3.5m above sea level to ensure the risk of surface water flooding entering the building has been mitigated.

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